A dream of a summer night

A dream of a summer night

Exchanging vows by the sea, dinner under the stars, swaying to the music as moonlight dances across the floor…
In these cold winter we all miss warm summer days spent near the ocean and it’s easy to imagine a perfect evening: a summer wedding, together with your loved ones, celebrating love until late into the night and creating unforgettable moments… sounds magical doesn’t it?

The situation that caught the whole world enlightened us on what really matters… made us aware of how much we need fresh air, nature, human relationships…
Encouraged by this realization, together with a team of partners with many years of experience in the wedding industry, we realized a wedding photo shoot in a tent. The project goal was to stimulate and inspire the future clients to celebrate their wedding outdoors. Is there anything more beautiful than a wedding on the coast while the sound of the waves provides the perfect backdrop?

The realization of the shooting lasted 4 days at a temperature a few degrees above zero, but with a great team that even after a lot of weddings and events approaches each new challenge and project with a lot of love, passion and enthusiasm – the temperatures were no an obstacle.
Positive energy circulated in the air, and a contribution was given by curious people who did not hide their enthusiasm and watched the scene with a gleam in their eyes… and a gleam in our eyes is we all needed immensely in the difficult moments in which we found ourselves.

Choosing a location was not easy. We were looking for a secluded location, away from the city bustle, surrounded by sea and forest… and after a week of research the whole team agreed that the final choice should be a well-known peninsula on the west coast of Istria.

Design inspiration? Nature that has always been an inexhaustible source of ideas for us, four elements (water, earth, air, fire) that give harmony.
The laurel and moss were picked on site so that the complete decoration was in synergy with the plants surrounding the tent, the complete setup was balanced with wood and linen, complemented by glass plates and gold details for a touch of elegance.

By combining long and round tables, we wanted to go beyond standard frames and present an unconventional table layout.
We replaced the usual floral table decoration with timeless candles that add a romantic atmosphere and warmth to the complete ambience.
Lighting inspired by the starry sky was an imperative in creating a magical atmosphere and we felt like we were in a fairy tale for a moment.
An indispensable part of every wedding is certainly delicious food, so this project could not pass without traditional Istrian delicacies and specialties. Because… how to present Istria more easily than through its gastronomy?

And to whisper something to you…
Even though it was winter, Shakespeare’s fairies and elves peeked out of the canopy, thinking it was time for them to perform. We almost fooled them with the summer story we created. We think that now, like us, they are eagerly waiting for the moment to play in the dream of a summer night…

Organization and concept: Lepor weddings
Design and decoratin: Lepor weddings
Tent and equipment: Ghia staff
Lights: Dboki sound & light
Photo and video: Lukart wedding photography
Catering: Olea catering
Wedding dress: Vjenčanice Biba
MUA: Helena Šoljan
Models: Iva Restović, Luka Sinković