Autumn fairy tale

Autumn fairy tale

“Autumn is the second spring in which every leaf is a flower,” Albert Camus once said, and we must agree with him … thus began another magical story of the Morosini Grimani castle in the small renaissance town of Svetvincenat. Warm gentle autumn color tones called for a combination with the cold walls of the castle, and the emptiness of the courtyard was waiting to be filled. The majestic building, as a witness of time which suffered many damages, became an incomparable symbol of the place, the scene of many events, secret or told, happy or unhappy stories, a treasury full of valuable memories into which another one was pushed. You remember fantasies, children’s dreams, where surrounded by your loved ones, holding the hand of your other half, you say your fateful “I do”, in a place that creates magic and where everything is just as it should be. We made a dream of many girls come to life..

It all actually started with one ordinary visit to the castle in the summer months, after which nothing was “just ordinary” anymore. Although it was the peak of the summer heat, the ideal backdrop for weddings was the one in autumn attire in the courtyard of the castle.
Looking often at wedding pictures on the ever-inspiring Instagram and Pinterest, weddings in castles across Italy, France or England have repeatedly appeared on the feed. In those moments, one wondered how nice it would be to make a wedding in such a magical place. But we are all aware that we often ignore the fact of locations around us, only a few kilometers away. We always have time to visit them and with that very knowledge – we always delay the same.

The first information about the Morosini Grimani Castle dates back to the 13th century, but what is interesting is its history. During its history, a large number of soldiers, guests of the nobility, travel writers and merchants passed through the castle. On several occasions, it was destroyed and rebuilt, while the castle received its current form only at the end of the 16th century. Today it is one of the most beautiful Venetian buildings of that time in Istria. And it is not difficult to fall in love with such a building as soon as you step foot through the large wooden castle door. And with this project, we hope that in the future we will enable many lovers to celebrate and step into their new life together.

Driving on the roads of our beautiful Istria every day, it is difficult not to notice the vivid colors that surround us in these autumn months. Although newlyweds prefer spring or summer days for their weddings, we wanted to show how much magic an autumn wedding can provide. Our task was to take advantage of the nature and move the idyllic autumn atmosphere inside the castle walls with warm shades of red, green, yellow and orange.

The vision of the scenes was completely clear – we wanted to emphasize the spaciousness of the courtyard, give importance to the towers as the guardians of the castle, take the location for the ceremony to another level – literally.

The location of the corner of the castle passage was chosen for the stage of the ceremony, magnified by the tower, which proudly boasts of its size and thus creates the perfect backdrop for the ceremony. The airy fabric that complements the space of the tower’s base and the two hanging disproportionate autumn garlands were the decoration for the seemingly modest ceremony.
Although Sinjska alka is well known in Croatia, in Istria the Trka na prstenac in Barban is much better known. However, a small number of Istrians know that Svetvinčenat also hosted knightly games such as the Alka. This inspired us for lavish hanging arrangements on hoops as a symbol of history that the walls still remember.
The decoration of two long guest tables and a newlyweds table incorporates elements of vases and terracotta pots, old candleholders of different sizes and heights, golden elements that give warmth and accompany the color palette of flowers used in the decorations. Emphasis is placed on a large number of candles of various shapes, sizes and colors – both on the tables and at several points inside the courtyard of the castle. Their very role of creating a cozy atmosphere created the perfect ambience to enjoy the play of shadows.

Whether it is a romantic wedding, elegant and glamorous, vintage, boho or industrial style wedding, Kastel Morosini Grimani is the perfect location which with its position and structure offers many opportunities to maintain one of the most important days in life. We hope that these newlyweds will be led by these pictures to choose exactly that location for their future wedding.

Organization and concept: Lepor weddings
Design and flowers: Lepor weddings
Venue: Kaštel Morosini Grimani
Photo: Flick Factory
Lights: Panter-lighting
MUA: Helena Šoljan
Cake: Concettino
Models: Enrika Vežnaver, Stefan Vidović