Luxury backyard wedding

“When we first set foot on the location chosen for the styled photo shooting, we had THE moment. We stopped and a clear vision of a wedding dinner scene appeared in our minds. A luxury backyard wedding scene.

The idea for the style shoot was to represent Istria as a wedding destination through all the scenes. As Istria has 4 types of soil (white, grey, black and red), an earthy colour palette was a logical choice for the elements used in the concept and the design of the location decoration. All the segments were carefully selected in order to follow and merge with the Istrian architecture used on the location. With a touch of string lights, magic was made – an ambience which is warm yet simple.

A dream of a summer night

Exchanging vows by the sea, dinner under the stars, swaying to the music as moonlight dances across the floor… In these cold winter we all miss warm summer days spent near the ocean and it’s easy to imagine a perfect evening: a summer wedding, together with your loved ones, celebrating love until late into the night and creating unforgettable moments… sounds magical doesn’t it?

Autumn fairy tale

“Autumn is the second spring in which every leaf is a flower,” Albert Camus once said, and we must agree with him …
thus began another magical story of the Morosini Grimani castle in the small renaissance town of Svetvincenat. Warm gentle autumn color tones called for a combination with the cold walls of the castle, and the emptiness of the courtyard was waiting to be filled. The majestic building, as a witness of time which suffered many damages, became an incomparable symbol of the place, the scene of many events, secret or told, happy or unhappy stories, a treasury full of valuable memories into which another one was pushed. You remember fantasies, children’s dreams, where surrounded by your loved ones, holding the hand of your other half, you say your fateful “I do”, in a place that creates magic and where everything is just as it should be. We made a dream of many girls come to life..